Eloqua Integration

Eloqua Integration from FreeBusy

FreeBusy is to automate bookings for all Eloqua. It would be easy to create booking links to share your and your team's availability. Manage time slots manually or connect to you calendar and let FreeBusy figure out your availability. Use solo or with your team for panel booking or round-robin assignment of bookings.

Eloqua Integration
Automated Scheduling for quick turn-around times
Share team availability as personalized links or schedule on the fly
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How is FreeBusy different from Eloqua Scheduler?

Freebusy allow to 1:1 bookings are free. Freebusy also allow to create signup sheets for webinars and other large scale or group events, including Team meetings for panels or round-robin assignments.

These are just some of the ways that the integration with Eloqua can help you save a ton of time in scheduling meetings both with prospects and existing customers. You can further integrate with Zoom or Microsoft Teams to auto-add conference details, send reminders etc., to offer a seamless experience.

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Here's What customers Have To Say

"I love that I can create a team of consultants and share availability with one link. Client picks the best time. Saves 10 emails or worse, having to schedule a separate call just to coordinate the meeting!"

Casey D. - Consultant

"FreeBusy is very helpful with my day-to-day planning. It makes scheduling meetings easier, especially with customers who are overseas. It frees up my time to do other important things"

Michael N. - Customer Success Manager

"I needed a way to set up client appointments that was not only easy to set up, but easy for my clients to use as well. FreeBusy is easy to connect with your online calendars, whichever you use."

Shannon C. - Support Specialist

"I was first introduced to FreeBusy through a co-worker, and it has become such a staple of my day to day work life, I would not know what to do without it. It's in my signature line and every email I send."

Patrick C. - Sales Operations Manager

"Accommodates scheduling complexities of having multiple calendars. No other service handles this without very painful workarounds, and this takes it up a notch with easy URL-based calendar switches."

Chris R. - Co-Founder

"I like the appearance, ease of use and the ability to create custom hyperlinks for 15/30/60 minutes. Prospective and current customers compliment the service."

Aaron W. - Lead Territory Manager

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